Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog!  I hope that my journey can also be an  inspiration for you to seek out and appreciate the transformational moments in your own life!  Please feel free to leave comments and share your stories so that I too can learn and grow with you!

♥ Stacey

Stacey attended her first yoga class in 2005 while in graduate school for clinical social work.  During years of self exploration through her personal practice Stacey learned innumerable lessons about herself, her life, and her relationship with others.  As she came to appreciate the healing power of yoga for both the body and the mind, she felt compelled to complete a yoga teacher training program in order to bring the transformational properties of this beautiful practice to others.  Stacey completed the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through Charm City Yoga under the steady guidance of Kim Manfredi.  Stacey hopes to provide students with an opportunity to explore and experience their own strength and balance, both on the mat and off.   Stacey practices as an independently licensed clinician for children, adults and families in the Baltimore community.

Tell me what you think!

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