Butternut Squash Lasagna with Sage and Brown Butter (Noodle-less!)

The hubby and I were lucky enough to have a quiet, low-key, weekend this weekend.  So, I did what I always do when I have time to burn – play in the kitchen!  For the longest time I have been eying Butternut Squash Lasagna recipes, however, after extensive research none really hit the mark for me.  I decided to chart out on my own, and am SO glad that I did!

This delicious lasagna is low-fat and full of flavor!  You won’t notice the noodles are missing – and it’s surprisingly easy to make!  The fontina, mushrooms, and sage combine with the ricotta to make this deliciously savory.  A gentle sweetness from the onion, parsley and squash are the perfect complement, keeping the dish from feeling too heavy.  We loved every single bite – I can’t wait to hear how your family enjoys it!

BNS Lasagna
Butternut Squash with Brown Butter and Sage

1 Butternut Squash, quartered and peeled
2C Ricotta, Fat Free
1.5 C Fontina Cheese, grated
1Egg YolkBNS Ingredients
1/4C Skim Milk
3 Tbs Butter
8 Leaves Fresh Sage
1/8C Fresh Parsley
3 Cloves Garlic
Salt/Pepper to taste
1/4 tsp Red Pepper Flakes (or more, to taste)
1 Lg Onion, quartered and sliced thin
2C Frozen Spinach
1C Mixed Mushrooms

Pre-heat over to 400*.
In sauce pan, melt 2Tbs butter until beginning to bubble.  Add garlic, sage, and parsley until butter begins to brown.  Remove from heat.  Add Ricotta, Fontina, egg yolk, and milk.

In separate BNS Lasagna vegespan, melt 1Tbs butter and red pepper. Cook onion over medium low heat for until soft, then add garlic, mushrooms and spinach, cooking another 3 minutes until cooked through.

Cut squash in half by both length and width.  Using a vegetable peeler, remove skin from entire squash.  With a mandolin or knife, slice squash into 1/8″ pieces.

BNS Lasagna LayersLightly spray lasagna pan with oil, then cover with a layer of Squash.  Top with half of the vegetable mixture, then cover with a layer of squash (this may require a tad bit of creativity, and knack for spacial relations!)  Then, top with half of the ricotta mixture, and again with squash.  Repeat with the other half the veges and cheese.  Top with a final layer of squash.  Sprinkle the top layer of squash with the last half cup of fontina, then top with foil.

Cover a cooking sheet with foil, and place the lasagna pan on the sheet (this will prevent dripping into the base of your oven).  Place in oven and cook approximately 1 hour, or until butternut squash layers are easy to cut through using a butter knife.  In last 20 minutes remove foil to allow cheese to brown.